There is nothing stopping you... Community Entry Wednesday May 20th, 2015 - Frances Natt McGill 2 minute read.

...from writing poems and leaving them in the street. From hanging shining glass ornaments in a tree, organizing an art exhibit on a fence, installing guerilla sculptures, nailing shoebox dioramas to telephone poles.
There is nothing stopping you from gathering those of like mind and heart (or going it alone) and going out under cover of night to scatter joy on the world like snow in a shook-up snowglobe. You can speak in hidden languages, if you like - but sometimes the simplest installation, with its own sly wink --hello, this is for you, because you noticed it. we are here, and so are you. hello -- is enough.
There is nothing stopping you, as long as you realize that you are doing this for no one you may know, that it may be destroyed or stolen or wash away in the rain, or that some stranger will fold his arms, shake his head, scoff. Urban whimsy. Ugh. At the bottom of it all, that is true freedom. Do it for yourself, and you only have to finish the task to satisfy your intended audience. Place the bird feeder and someone will smash it, and when you tearily tell your street art friend about it, he will say but it lasted six months? that's amazing! and you'll realize what he says is true.
Doing something is better than nothing, right? Stretch your muscles, shake it out, make that thing, and then keep going. Place the secret and then walk swiftly away. This is your permission. You already had it.

FarCry - Mollio