once, after teaching an all-day workshop, a student approached me and said that the problem with me was that i tried to find out what was amazing in everything that happened. she said i was crazy. i said i always look for what's strange in a story. she said that was stupid. i said that's where the stories are. she said so what. i said that's how i make sense out of the world. she said some things just don't make sense. i said not yet. she said that's what you think. sure is, i said, i think everybody loves a good story.     phil cousineau

who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on a conversation with a stranger? everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. trust your instincts. do the unexpected. find the others...     timothy leary

only art penetrates the seeming realities of this world. there is another reality, the genuine one, which we lose sight of. this other reality is always sending us hints which, without art, we cannot receive.     saul bellow

publicly we'll continue to work in publishing, radio, printing, music, etc., but privately we will create something else, something to be shared freely but never consumed passively, something which can be discussed openly but never understood by the agents of alienation, something with no commercial potential yet valuable beyond price, something occult yet woven completely into the fabric of our everyday lives.     hakim bey

carolee takes some things apart and puts other things back together. she works extensively with books, PVA, and mohawk superfine. wayward librarian, wandering scribe, philatelicistic facilitator.

contact me via email (carolee.gilligan at gmail)
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